Charley and Humphrey T-shirt

Charley and Humphrey fans, now you can represent the Bay Area by wearing this awesome T-shirt!
Men's T-shirts are Hanes Beefy-T.
Women's T-shirts are American Apparel 4305.

Shirts are $30 each + $5 shipping/handling.
Limited quantities. Buy one now before they run out!

Prices are subject to change without notice.

UPDATE (11/3/2018) : I printed one final batch of Charley and Humphrey T-shirts. If you didn't get one before, this is your LAST CHANCE. Once they're sold out, I will not making any more. Thank you for your interest and patience!!

UPDATE (10/7/2017): All of the Charley and Humphrey T-shirts are almost Sold Out! I've had several people ask me whether I'll be printing more. And the answer is I'll need a minimum order of 50 to justify the cost of printing a new batch.

Please e-mail me ( your size if you would like to purchase one, and I'll add you to a list. As soon as I have 50, I'll print out one final batch of shirts and notify you. After that, I won't be printing any more.

Recently, several websites have sold bootlegged copies of the Charley and Humphrey T-shirts. The image was used without my permission, so I cannot attest to the quality. (Ironic, isn't it? They borrowed without asking).

Thank you, Bay Area!